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Evidence based treatment for trauma

EMDR therapy is a comprehensive approach that addresses the physiological storage of memory and hot is informs experience. Change is understood as a byproduct of reprocessing due to the alteration of memory storage and and the linkage to adaptive memory networks. 
Dual attention bilateral stimulation or BLS (eye movements, tactile taps, and auditory tones) is one component of EMDR therapy.
EMDR is an integrative approach which consists of 8 phases which is compatible to other major orientation to psychotherapy.
Different diagnoses can require different, customized, EMDR procedures incorporating the three pronged protocol of PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. 
EMDR is used to treat those adverse life experiences as it contributes to problem in current daily living. 
I utilize an electronic light bar when using EMDR with clients that helps make the treatment authentic.

Hand Holding Pendulum
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): Services
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